Friday, September 28, 2007

YWDP - Episode 52!!!

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Ok... there I am, trying to gain your lova after a lame 3 months of absence, How unloyal is that? I have no explanation for this long and lazy hideaway. But still, i managed to rebuild the show as it was when I left.

Don't expect that 3 hour long episode 52 with all the fireworks. After a few try and a hard drive crash I decided to make a show that would respect the good old YWDP ofrmat. I can't make any commitments or any promises. I won't be doing the YWDP weekly like used to. Let's just say that I'll make a show as soon as I can do one. I can say one thing thought.... 3 months was wayyy too long.

This said, I am is desperate need of music... Please send in your latest track directly in my Gmail account. (

Adraw - we are still alive
Aura - Floating Space
Trancer Necromancer - Jupiter
Andrea Burns - 100 Stories
Airborn Performance - just_like a free fall
Dj Amaya - Nothing to fear [ Original Vocal Mix ]
Dim Van Kaiden - Hard - Trance Rider


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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And what if we'd try it again...

Let's just say that you and me took a long break. Let's just say that we had to go and explore elsewhere. And what if we try it again... taking it day by day... no engagements... letting ourselves go with the flow... because I don't want to be just friend... I'm willing to try... and you?

Let's meet on friday then...