Monday, May 05, 2008


I've been totally absent from the trance and podcast scene for over 9 months now. Why? Got no time. As much as I would have liked to push some new episodes, I just couldn't find a minute to do so.

I recently launched a website called (french version of The Scamtoons) and since then I had to split all of my time between work, family and projects. My website is doing great and things are starting to lift off the ground. On the other hand, I was just told that I'd be fire from my day job. The new owners of the TV station where I work just fired 80% of their staff in an effort to get rid of the union.

Right now, I'm not complaining about this unfortunate event as I may be able to plug all of my stuff back and kick in with some new episodes of the YWDP. Yes!!

Stay tuned and don't trash that RSS feed yet... I'M NOT DEAD!!!