Friday, June 01, 2007

YWDP Episode 50

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Ok, I said I wouldn't make a big case about number 50... I know... But guys! 50!!!

Shitty week, here in the suburbs of Montreal. It's been pouring drums full of rain and the ambiance is pretty low at work. The TV show I mainly work for is taking a break all summer. So thisFriday was their last day of work. They all go in vacations but mine are just in July. This will affect my schedule for the next weeks, but this time it should be good. I'll have more time for the YWDP and will try to bring some newer stuff to the show.

This week I lurked around the whole freaking Internet to get these awesome tracks. I really dogged under every surfaces and I think it gave some awesome results. The playlist is just fantastic! I also received a new track from Dim Van Kaiden.

DJ Zheka - La Noche - My Heart
DJ Groove - Union Square
Tomo - Stimul
Aura - Kathmandu
Airforce - The Impression That I Get (original mix)
Horizonworks - Morning Tide
Callisto - Ganymed
Dim Van Kaiden - Hard Bass Killer
Eskimo And Icebird - Feels Just Like That Night (radio edit)

Don't forget to visit my web - page ( ) and put your pin on my Frappr Map. Music composer can send their music attached directly in my email:

Let me just cross promote my other project called The Scamtoons. It's a funny little video podcast in which I've transformed my phone pranks into animated cartoons. You can check it out at

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The most talked about dance, house and trance podcast on the web. Brought to you from the suburbs of Montreal and by the most annoying french Canadian host on this planet - Yuzzy!


adraw said...

The show nr 50 was excellent. Love the composition of it, and the artists.

I cant wait till episode 52. That will be kick ass. I am preparing one track for this purpose. Hope i will get it.

Nice day

Yuzzy said...

ohh dude. thanks! For a moment I tought I was alone in the room. But I can always count on my gaoood Friend Adraw! I Also loved the show. The playlist was filled with new tracks and new artists.

Can't wait for that new track! ;)

Dj Groove said...


I just found my track "Union Square" in your playlist and I'm very glad about it!
Now I have to check the other tracks from your playlist :-)

Thanks a lot.

Dj Groove

Yuzzy said...

From what I remember, you were in show #44, 45 and 50... and I still have plenty of awesome tracks in my HD that are waiting to be played. Your music is just fantastic. Hope to hear more soon... love it

Dj Groove said...

Yes I've noticed them on the other shows:-) Thanks for your compliment.
I'll post an article about your site and your radio show on my blog very soon!

All the best.