Wednesday, November 08, 2006

YWDP Episode 23

One lazy week... I was working on hight shift so i had all day to do renovations around the house and fix a couple of things. I also had some papers and administrations things to do... well guess what!!!! I DONE NOTHING... HOW LAZY IS YOUR FRENCH CANADIAN HOST!!!

Ha ha. I feel like a loser... But one thing i did was lurking around for new tracks and getting this episode together.... You'll see. I have one superb playlist...

I hope you guys will be able to get the show. I know my host ( are making some major change to their website. They are on and off since a few days...

Now get prepared for one kick ass show.

DarK NebuLa - Perseverance
DCAdjust - AnotherPlanet128
Digital Motion - Retro - Toy
Dj Amaya - Memories of another life Original Mix
Dj KloneZ - my story
Elucidate - Elucidate Alex M.O.R.P.H. ft Ultra Sun - Love Me More (Elucidate Remix)
Famagusta - Introduction
FarStar C. - Augustimane
Fido X - Synth Murder
green & pea - TimeLess
Horizonworks - Exposure (Radio Edit)

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