Friday, November 17, 2006

YWDP Episode 24

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As you'll see in the show (or hear) i called sick today in order to get the show up online.... I guess that's when you are falling too much into that thing... ha ha. I received some great track this week and also last week that will be feature soon. I'm pretty exited with these submissions. Of course i'm always honnored when i open my email and i have this kind of surprise...

Here is this week's playlist:

Airborne Performance - T.L.P. - F2 Vista
Alienation - Gravity (DTBvsBVRework)
Arco Pezzo - Arco Pezzo - Arcadia(No Vocal Mix)
CJ.FILTER - Happy Dancing.
Dj Amaya - When the snow melts [ Original Mix ]
Moongate - My Destiny
Nomad Moon - Rising Sun
Phase2 - Event Horizon
PRAVDA - Spanking Friday
Ronario - Girls Girls
TGL - Athena

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