Thursday, July 12, 2007

O.K guys... let me explain..

I think I owe you all a good explaination on why the delay and when the next show. It's been more than 4 weeks now since I've haven't upload a new episode.

As I'm writing right now, I am in vacation for 3 weeks and I'm spending some precious time with my family. We are traveling and having some projects of our own. That's one good reason why everything is delayed...

Another good reason is that I want to make things right for this special 52th episode. The blue prints are in my head. I want it to be the V.I.P celebration instead of being my own celebration. I want to offer something special... I could have just upload a regular show, but this one might be longer and more "rafiné"...

One last reason is that some old idea I had thrown away for the YWDP are coming back to me like a boomerang... something that might kick that show a little more...

But I'm not in prison... ;)

Lova ya all. Can't wait to get this show out!!!


morpine//Aleksander Vinter said...

Hey Yuzzy! I know this is kinda late, but I made a track for your newest episode, and I would really love to be on it!!!!
the track is at that address!

Thanks. Your pal, morphine!

Rob said...

Yo Yuzzy,
Enjoy the precious time with your loved ones, and just take all the time you need to think what you do with the YWDP.
Like i said before: i'm sure it's worth waiting for.
And you need that time with your family too.

I alway say that i'm on vacation when i'm in prison, haha ;)

Chill bro,
Rob, a.k.a. DJypsy

adraw said...

Hi Yuzzy. Take your time for the show. New, fresh track on the way from my side too.
I love that track from aleksander. I cant wait till it comes. The tracklist will be superb.
So... what to say..

Yuzzy's back.


Dj Groove said...

I can't wait for this show too! But it's better late than never :-)

All the best

Anonymous said...

New Release:

green - Another Life

Keep it up Yuzzy..

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CJ.FILTER said...

Hey Yuzzy. Are you ok? Wher are you and what`s up with show? Please don`t tell me that has soped working on it? :(