Monday, December 04, 2006

Who reads this ?!?

I know i'm using this blogger page as a side kick for the YWDP. It's my only way to have text posting for the show. But i'm starting to question this blogger page.... Really, is someone reading this?

If someone's reading this, please leave a comment ( even if it's small...)...


adraw said...

Yuzzy. Definitely. I read this cool page each week when the weekend comes. To have a homepage is superb. I know, where to find you each week.

Take a look at:

I use it. It tells not only who comes to the site but also, where do they come from. And you dont have to let it be displayed. Just let it collect the info.

Anonymous said...

I do!:)
By the way. It`s a CJ.FILTER, and i can see that you played some of my tracks. WoW. That is so cool.
Plus, you`r podcast is the best from all i`v heard.
And Yuzzy, if you want to hear some more of my tracks, plus remixes visit this page:

Keep it up man.
P.S. my email:

Yuzzy said...

I might use it more often then...