Friday, December 08, 2006

YWDP Episode 27

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The shopping sprint... I don't want to get into that "december 24th" rush so i decided to do all my Xmas shopping this week. Good idea... the lines were short at the Wal - Mart and i was into no rush. I also found everything i had to buy... great !!!

For this weekend show, i have some kick ass music. Some artist you might know and some new ones... all the best:

Check out the Jersey Todd Show . He's working on a Jersey Todd Music Awards that should be coming soon. Sounds great... had to plug this...
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Here are some links to some other cool podcasts you got to have a listen to. They are part of my favorite podcasts.

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The best trance, dance and house music podcast on the internet is here...


adraw said...

Yuzzy. That was really, really good. You made a superb joke. Me as a favourite porn star. I laughted for one whole hour about it.
I had to show it to my whole family with words. "Listen, to what yuzzy told me. ". They were nearly dead laughting. Yuzzy. You know how to make one a really outstanding weekend.
And one more think. Where is the limousine? :)

Yuzzy said...

I knew you would like this... LOL... Thanks for the love dude. That was my tribute to you and your superb work.

About the limo, i'm still working on this...

Svanhild said...

Yuzzy...Its my vocal on Kristian Kosmo - easy musica:)
So cool that u like it:)