Thursday, March 01, 2007

YWDP Episode 37

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Everything is almost back to normal as there was some backfire over the schedule changes at work. It pays to yell at your boss sometimes. Although the shift they gave me is not quite podcast and family-friendly, I get to make some awesome stuff and work with great directors. But I was able to get half way to where I was before... Which should leave me more time to create a podcast.

It's been a wonderful week anyway. The sun was shinning hard and we almost forgot the cold. But we have another snow storm shiting down on our heads for the weekend. Fortunately, I paid myself a snowplow and I don't have to shovel anything but the stairs... ha ha ha.. suckers...

Great freaking show... gotta tell ya. Not a whole lot of submissions but great stuff anyway. By the way, for all the artists who listens and want to send in some tracks.. I am sorry but I don't play any remix or cover songs from commercial artists. I received fantastic tracks this weeks but they were remixed songs from commercial DJs. I do play remix from indie to indie but only in the case where the original indie artist granted permission. Like me and my latest track "The Lights" which was remixed by Jestin this time. It's actualy in 5th place on the SectionZ charts.

Adora - Within each of us
Airborn Performance - Thrust
Digital Motion - Candy Blue (Madrid Remix)
DJ Killian - Night Light
Jestin vs Yuzzy - The Lights Jestin Remix
IceWave - Control
MST - You leave me without words (Feat Noah Neiman)
Virtuadolls - Dynamo
XposEx - The Seventh Planet (HarmonicMix)
Yans - Trancevision (Powerful Remix)
Zino-T.i.T.(Trippin in Trance)

Don't forget to visit my website and leave your comments. You are also, all invited to the little forum I've made. We already have some movements in there. You don't need to register to post in it. You can come, enter a name and a comment directly....

The Forum

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