Friday, May 04, 2007

YWDP Episode 46

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Show 46

Sorry... I know I'm a little late. My brain is workin in slow-motion. I'm kind of in a mutation. Must be spring. I need some real (more than 4 days) vacation. I better be patient. My ultimate vacations are in july. Anyway, spring is great. The sun is charging my batteries and the chicks are hot as well. At least there is trance music!!!!

Extra-ordinary playlist. Great tracks. New track from DJ Amaya and it feels good! Most of them are new artists. Get ready for some sensations here:

2trancY - Positive Sense of Love
Apollo Productions - Premonitions
Dim Van Kaiden - Uoy
Dj Amaya - Motion Sensor [ Original Mix ]
DJ Arman Dinarvand-Electronic
dj madow-Ernesto vs Bastian - the remix(dj madow mix )
Dj Nirwana - Amsterdam
Jestin vs Yuzzy - The Lights Jestin Remix
Telefanatic Production - FEED YOUR MIND

Don't forget to visit my web - page ( ) and put your pin on my Frappr Map. Music composer can send their music attached directly in my email:

Let me just cross promote my other project called The Scamtoons. It's a funny little video podcast in which i've transformed my phone pranks into animated cartoons. You can check it out at

The Forum

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The most talked about dance, house and trance podcast on the web. Brought to you from the suburbs of Montreal and by the most annoying french Canadian host on this planet - Yuzzy!


adraw said...

Hi yuzzy. I have one good info for you . New remix in preparation. Just take a look at my page. You will probably know this tune. :D

adraw said...

You know. Everytime, when i beginned in your show, it was a remix. So why not now :D