Thursday, May 17, 2007

YWDP Episode 47

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47.. is it?

47 is more than 46. Cold week again here in the suburbs of Montreal. The sun is on stryke and I can't wait to prepare the pool for the upcoming weeks. I'm working around a special episode for show #52 but I'll have more details on that. It should be fun...

I don't know what happened lately but I have to say that I'm worried about my audience. The number have dropped dramatically. I lost almost 2/3 of my listeners in a snap. I don't know if this is caused by the new project, if it has to do with my podcast host or if I got unlisted somewhere. Anyway, if there is a technical problem that I'm not aware of or if you had to re-subscribe for any reason, please let me know. I really doubt that I lost all these people because I pissed them off... LOL. Or maybe I did piss-off my audience on something. Anyway, if you have a clue, a critique, a suggestion, let me know.

I found some new music and I also found back an hidden folder full of good stuff that was lying dead at the very bottom of my HD. Damn, sometimes I can be stupid. Losing such good music. If I'd be a squirrel, I'd die from unger... anyway, grrrrreat play-list. Full of new and good tracks. Most of them are free to download:

Aeonia - Eudaemonia (128 kbps)
DJ Light-People in a Box - Take Me (productionprogramming by DJ Light)
Dragor-Winter Spirit
Euroboyz - Everything will come in time [ Dj Amaya 2007 ~Enishi~ Remix ]
Expedance - A Promise
Horizonworks - Halogen
Jestin - Nightversion
Perpetualtrance - Eternal Life
rizlakiller - nosebleed
Serge DVass - Life Excited - Frank Handrix vs Serge DVass
Trance Emerson - So Typical
Yuzzy - Lights (Adraw journey remix)

By the way, that little clip you'll hear at the very beggining comes from an interview with Canis Lupus on the Podcasting School podcast. Thanks Canis!!!

Don't forget to visit my web - page ( ) and put your pin on my Frappr Map. Music composer can send their music attached directly in my email:

Let me just cross promote my other project called The Scamtoons. It's a funny little video podcast in which I've transformed my phone pranks into animated cartoons. You can check it out at

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The most talked about dance, house and trance podcast on the web. Brought to you from the suburbs of Montreal and by the most annoying french Canadian host on this planet - Yuzzy!

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adraw said...

Yuzzy. The last show was fantastic. Cool Superb. I love it, YYYYHAAAAAAA.