Thursday, October 12, 2006

YWDP Episode 19: Apple Compliant

The weekend is knoking at our doors folks! Here in Montreal, it seems like the sun will be hiding. It should rain all weekend long. But there is one good thing: I don't have anything on my agenda! I will be able to improvise... no visitiors... I should be the sole master of those 48 hours...

As you know, i got into some jurisdic problems lately. I kicked back with an electr-mega- fire-punch. For now i haven't heard anything back so lets just hope that this will die!!! So this week, i've played safe... don't want any trouble with lawsuit again...

Adam Vox - Vodoo
Adraw - Look
Airborne Performance - Simple World (Vocal Radio Mix)
Andreas Viklund - Riders, unite
Bruno Fergani FTP - Combined Forces
CJ.FILTER - Killer Sound.
Club84 - Cover Girls
Danylo - Its Gotta be Deep
Dragor - Beyond
Green Pea - Dream Travel
Sinful Nature - Shivas Sorrow
Solar Synthesis - Under Synthetic Skies
Strife TGL - Fata Morgana (Original Mix)

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