Thursday, October 05, 2006

YWDP Episode 18

Strange week i've had. First of all i had to stand up and protect my territory in a jurisdic situation. Now all i can do is wait and hope it doesn't get further. I learned some very deep life lessons: Most poeple are driven by money. The problem is, this money is somewhere in the pocket of someone else. The way poeple get it tells all about their personalitys...

But all this i am keeping for a new podcast of mine on whish i'm working on. Will tell you more soon. What we want now is music, party, clubs, chill, connect.... we want to leave the bad aura at home. We'll take care of this on monday...

I got the best therapy for this and it is... THE YUZZY'S WEEKEND DANCEFLOOR PODCAST...(can you tell i'm screaming again!!!). Enjoy this week's playlist:

Adraw & Yuzzy - Ray of light (Adraw progressive remix 0328)
Andrea Burns - 100 Stories
ATSM - A Tall Shod Man - Dont break my dolls
Club84 - The Sugarland Express
DJ Dan - That Phone Track (Illectro funk mix)
Dragor - Epic Dreams
JMD - Slider (original mix)
L.O.C. - Trancestate
liquid bass - Crazy like daddy (radio edit)
PRAVDA - Nexus - Gothika (Misha Psycoholic Full on Remix)
smtx - waiting 4 you
Suncraftmusic - Deep Red (Trance Rmx)
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Here are some links to some other cool podcasts you got to have a listen to. They are part of my favorite podcasts.

TranceNdance, Bandtrax, Pizzababe Goes Global, Alaska Podshow,
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