Wednesday, October 25, 2006

YWDP Episode 21

TO EVERYONE: Make sure you are getting the show via podshow. I will no longer be publishing the show on podserve. If you are not sure about your feed xml, use this one:
Or visit the website:

Exellent week i had. First of all, as you might know, i'm migrating every piece of feed i had here and there to one single host. That took more time than i tough. I also have some various projects that i had to work on. I'm telling you, if i could buy some more day time at my Wal-Mart, i would take a truck load. So this week is my last week on parrallel. I'll be hosting the show on one single host next thursday.

The playlist is good this weekend...

AdamVox - Nightvision
Aura - thesourceoftrance - FloatingSpace
DjCatzy - Atmosphere (newstyleremix) Couldn't find his artist page back (will work on that)
DjNightlife - Dust
DjNirwana - Amsterdam
IndigoGroove - CosmikFrequencies
MarianoBallejos - Driver
MelnikovProject - 4Strings - Huriccane(GlobalWarmingRemix)
TGL - Hera
TheShortTermProject - SoSad
XposEx - Seemless(RadioEdit)

My friend DJ Amaya just launched a new podcast himself. Not only he makes good music, but he also has this kick ass show. Check it out... it's called Hitsuzen Radio!!

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Here are some links to some other cool podcasts you got to have a listen to. They are part of my favorite podcasts.

TranceNdance, Bandtrax, Pizzababe Goes Global, Alaska Podshow,
Derek thebandits sound republic anthem of the week, Geekfit, Podchick, Hitsuzen Radio

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