Friday, January 26, 2007

YWDP Episode 32

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Lots of work for this weekend and lots of projects in my head. Just to give you a sneak peak... i'm thinking about having a second podcast with interviews and stuff.. i'm still thinking. But don't worry about the YWDP.. it's alive and kicking. And we are growing bigger and bigger. When i say bigger, i'm talking of course in terms of audiance but mostly in terms of quality. I'm starting to have some offers and I'm also getting in touch and making contact to grow this experience even bigger. The show is slowly getting where I want it to be since I now have a clearer image of what i want. One thing I know I want is FUN... and that's what iM trying to share with you all...

About the pranks and sketches, I may output a quick Best Of or Extra show with some of the best pranks and bloopers I got. Expect an extra show on yer Ipod very soon.

This month it's Adraw's month. He is the highlight of the XtraTranceCast 11 and I have two new tracks. But even with 2 tracks in this podcast, i'm not up to date with him. I also have an awsome submission from CJ.Filter, one from ADrift (a SectionZ friend) and one from Draconum... (if my memory's good).

Adraw - Cry For The Music
Adraw & Yuzzy - The Lights

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Here are some links to some other cool podcasts you got to have a listen to. They are part of my favorite podcasts.

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The best trance, dance and house music podcast on the internet is here...


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...Im like dancing to...That was funy man.
I`v just got back from ukraine( damn ther girls are HOT), and i have some cool ideas about new tracks. So whait up man.
By the way, how you bean doing?

Anonymous said...

Oops.That was CJ.FILTER....

Yuzzy said...

Thanks for da love dude!

The virus should be dead by now. We cleaned everything with javex in the whole house.

If you listen till the very end you'll hear another prank. I didn't play it till the end but it really turned bad... I should put a link to the original one day.

Dude, whenever these tracks are done... fooooom... into

Electro Love is so freaking good dude... Fantastik !!!

Anonymous said...

Good Day yuzzy. I wonder how long it takes for a virus till it arrives in slovakia. You know i have to produce some tunes in forward :). Now serious. Thank you for that honor you have written. Cool work.

Nice day . Adraw

Yuzzy said...

Dude... that virus "came" from Slovakia... Chances are, you probably gave me that shit !!! LOL

Dude, your track is just awesome. It's on show 33's playlist.

mitseuler said...

thanks for the link yuzzy
got loads of music coming on!
whenever you want just msg me!

dimitris "adrift"

Anonymous said...

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