Thursday, February 01, 2007

YWDP Episode 33: The Potato Chips

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Episode 33... Wow...

I'm just tired and i need to let it all out for the weekend. It was a very busy week, trying to promote the show here and there, getting my teeth fixed at the dentist and my hair cut for myLady's. I worked a lot on doing a little banner for SectionZ and it turned out it was to heavy... 1.4mb for a flash banner!!! LOL I ended up trashing some stuff and cutting in the fat to 170k... not bad hey? I'll show you the 2 versions...

As you can see I'm going full throttle on the promotion of the show. I want some more exposure. I think we can get a notch further with this. If only I could reach the same platform as the big DJs with these independent tracks.. wouldn't that be great? And what about some air time on a radio? Or maybe satellite radio?!? Wow... I'm dreaming right there... Imagine all of our friends down here in the play-list, playing on a satellite radio... in a car somewhere downtown New-York.... Or in a shopping mall.... Well I'm done with the dreaming and decided to push it myself. So here I am buying ads and banners, trying to reach some greater networks... trying to cross promote on other podcasts... trying to build a small network of friends. Let's just croos our fingers...

B.T.W.: You might see a change in the way the MP3 file is displayed in your mp3 player. I'm trying to add some chapters to my podcast (also adding 15 minutes of useless works to my schedule...)

Now let's see who are those who would have played on Sirrius this weekend:

2trancy - RERAW (Radio Edit)
Adraw - Go alive
Alienxss - UP THE HOUSE
Cristian Paduraru - Bell Beauty
Dj Amaya - Time Original Mix
DJ BORNA - Thingus
Dj KloneZ - Soul Flare
Dj Nirwana - Skyblue
DJ Patch - SOLEIL (Patchs Sunkissed Mix)
DJ SpAX - Fishing
Yari Tekkhule - walkin in rome

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