Friday, February 16, 2007

YWDP Episode 35: The Penis Enlarger

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35 and still alive!!!

Sorry for being so freakin late. I had so many boring things to do that the show continuously dropped down the "to do" list. I was very anxious of doing the show but I had to settle a tones of papers (morgage renewal, insurances...). I also had some visit. Yuzzy's mommy was at the house so I had to take good care of her (she comes every 4 or 6 months to see the kids). Finaly I had a flu. I had a stuffy nose with an headake... God, I can't wait for summer...

Maybe the show wasn't up for your friday home-coming but at least I got it kicking for the weekend...

I made lots of great discovery lurking around the web. Gotta tell ya, I was stunned by what I found. Some of them I am waiting for approval and some of them I am keeping for upcoming shows. We finaly have a fresh new dose of Morphine this week (him along with Twin World) and a new one from Jestin. I also got in contact with Solar Synthesis which I tought they were dead... Well they are not. They are now on Acidplanet... And guess what? Adraw's having a new track online... it's in the show of course, but it's also available for download...

Adraw - Ghosts
DJ SpAX-The Abkani
Jestin aka DJest - Present Day
Janca DJ Scream-Autumnal Equinox
Melnikov Project-Final DestinationClub Ver
Morphine Twin World - Supersound metamix
Ozzymonger-I will miss you so
Solar Synthesis - Voyager
Sonic Ether - Transfixion
Stereo People-Stereo (Stereo People Theme)
trancefix - forever
yans-Distant Horizon (Air-Wave Edit)

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The best trance, dance and house music podcast on the internet is here....


CJ.FILTER said...

Haha...You are the funy mather****r....hahaha.. The is owsome. I just love it man...I told all my friends about it, and they love it to. And the playlist, it`s great. Great music man. You are the best.Keep it up...

P.S. Check out my webblog for the lest news, ther is a surprise. Just klick on my nickname...


Yuzzy said...

Great playlist... and an enormous penis!!!

Enfero said...

Haha, funny man ;D I've promoted you in a few places, they love the show too! Keep it up man, great music like usual - loving it!

adraw said...

Cooool . This is an idea. You are going harder and harder. Now everybody knows about Yuzzy.

I love this show and love your jokes.

Anonymous said...

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