Thursday, February 08, 2007

YWDP Episode 34: The BodyFlex

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To tell you the truth, I almost couldn't make it to the finish line. I had a few things that was delaying my recording and I felt as if destiny didn't want me to put a show out for tonight! Maybe it was a test... to see my limit. To see how far I would go to have my yellingonline in time!!!

I'm here anyway and there are some great thing happening in the YWDP surroundings. I can't really talk about it now but there are some great stuff coming. Also, I noticed some difference in the audience stats. I can't figure what but something has happened. It's not enormous but noticeable... Welcome to all the new listeners... You'll see, we're having a lot of fun here.

I officialy launched my website and forum. The response is great. I already have some visitors, including listeners... Finaly, the guys from SectionZ, J "Z" Hernandez and Lucas gave me exposure on the very front cover page of the SectionZ website. I can never thank them enough. SectionZ is one exellent place for indie music. The tracks out there are first generation. No label or agent in between. What's up there was freshly baked and uploaded from the artists themselves. You can get tones of free exellent tracks by visiting the Thanks again guys !!!

One last thing! By a democratic vote of 3 to 0, I've decided to increase the file quality from 96kbps to 128 kbps. Of course, this means the file will be bigger... but the quality is far more appreciable. If you have an issue with this, don't hesitate to send me an Email.

2trancy - Sleep
303infinity - Tranceformations (Concept Remix)
CJ.FILTER - Sky Fly. Original Mix
Dj Amaya - SHIFT [ Original Mix ]
DJ Swinlok - Tribes of Bass
Expedance - Long Way Home
Fader - Do you like bass
FarStar C. - Ronille in Hollywood
VFD - Young Scientist (available for online play)

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CJ.FILTER said...

The body flex? ha ha ha....LoL.That was funy. And the show? The show is great, i love it. Keep it up man.

Yuzzy said...

LOL... I also dig that CardioGlide at the end...

Thanks for the love dude!

Anonymous said...

actually, "Shift" by DJ AMAYA is available at, as well as on his myspace page

Yuzzy said...

Dude... You're all over the web!!! LOL

adraw said...

Superb. The change in bitrate helped a lot.

Yuzzy said...

Thx... I tought it really helped too. From now on it will be 128k

Anonymous said...

Loved the show, fuckin' awesome!! :D

Anonymous said...

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