Thursday, April 05, 2007

YWDP Episode 42: Diaper Assistance

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I hope this easter hollyday will recharge my batterys. I'm exausted. This week I've been fighting a flu virus again (third time) and I also had to get back on my feet after last friday visit to the stripper club. Yep, Yuzzy's been a bad bad boy! I had a good time but it took me a whole week to get back in track. I also started some work on a new podcast project I have. All this together, it was hard finding the time to make this awesome podcast. But here we are!

This week is submissions week. New tracks from my favorites: Adraw, Aeonia, DJ Arco, DJ Amaya. Also some new artist I found on the web... This show is 110% kick ass! Couldn't miss this one for sure!

Adraw - Love Techno
Aeonia - Ambrosia
Arco Pezzo - Cj Stone - Storm (Arco Pezzo Mix)
Dj Amaya - Curse [ Original Mix ]
Jestin - The Truth Original Mix 2418
John Stenberg - Convenient
Miguel Migs - So Far
Rizla Rizlakiller - Thunder Rave Make Some Noize
Traxworks - Believe In My Past

Don't forget to visit my website and leave your comments. You are also, all invited to the little forum I've made. We already have some movements in there. You don't need to register to post in it. You can come, enter a name and a comment directly....


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The most talked about dance, house and trance podcast on the web. Brought to you from the suburbs of Montreal and by the most annoying french Canadian host on this planet - Yuzzy!

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