Saturday, April 14, 2007

YWDP Episode 43

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I'm late, I know! But I'm alive and kickin'. This said it might happen more often that the show get delayed. I am working on another project that just sucks all my time. It's a project I'll share with you guys later. This weeks play-list deserved the wait. The show is shorter but the quality of theplaylisyt is just amazing. New track from DJ Amaya (again!!!) and DC Adjust.

Quick note to my friend the gypsy DJ - Rob Van Den Bos. I made a terrible mistake as I thought his show was hosted by the Startled Bunny. These are two different shows. All two are freakin good by the way!

Airborne Performance - Dead End (Re-Store)
DC Adjust - Like A Dream
Dj Amaya - Strobe light [ Original Mix ]
Expedance - The Day After
Jestin - Nightversion
MeThOxY - Ozone
Perpetualtrance - Delaying The Game

Don't forget to visit my web-page ( ) and put your pin on my Frappr Map. Music composer can send their music attached directly in my email ( )

The Forum

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