Thursday, April 19, 2007

YWDP Episode 44

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Average week. I didn't stop at all. I got some exiting stuff coming soon and my head is full of projects. Will I be able to keep it up with the YWDP? We'll have to see. Anyway, great show for this weekend. I lurked around older tracks I played and wanted to play again. I didn't receive lots of submissions and didn't have all the time needed to hunt for new tracks. So I tought it was time to replay some tracks I just love. I did found some new stuff but not as much as I would have liked too.

Thanks to Matt Steeper (Aeonia) who helped me out all freakin week on my other project!

Adam Vox - Vodoo
Airborne Performance - Hatch
DJ Dan - That Phone Track (Illectro funk mix)
Dj Groove - Midnight
djlight - Paradise
GrumF - Electro Sound
Mr Lewis - Until Now
Oxid Project - Heat Aroma
Perpetualtrance - Trasher

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The most talked about dance, house and trance podcast on the web. Brought to you from the suburbs of Montreal and by the most annoying french Canadian host on this planet - Yuzzy!


adraw said...

Hi yuzzy. Its me Adraw. I love your show. You know that. But from your words i feel, you are losing some power. That people dont give you enough feedback about the show. I wish i could help you now. I hope, that your show will last. It will take only two or three weeks till i am in play. I know, that my presence here is not important, but i will try to help you as much as i will be able to. SO Yuzzy. Please stay at business. Lot of artists depend on you. Lots of people love your show. And this part of message is for you listeners. Just grab some time and listen to yuzzys show, and let him know. Writing a mail is just a little time for you, but it gives him a power.

Yuzzy. Thanx for your music. Keep screaming. Find your source again. And believe in your artist friends.

Closing message from slovak republic.

Andrej Frlicka

Yuzzy said...

Wow... dude. thanks for the love! I gotta say, you have squeezed my little heart here. Dude, you are one FUCKING important pience of this show. I can't let you say the opposite.

I think I can't hide the fact that the show still not heading the way I'de like it too. I also have to admit that I have another project on which I've been working on since 2 years that will soon be presented as a video podcast.

This new project, my new work schedule and a few other factors are, wheter I like it or not, affecting the YWDP. And I feel I'm not giving what the artists and listeners deserve in term of a show.

Really, my only problem is time. The YWDP requires lot of time to put togheter.

But in terms of motivation, I'm still all there. You should see the smile on my face when I finaly get to open the microphone. There is clearly something happening in my blood which makes me just happy and very comfortable. The screamings are not faked. They are and reflect the way I feel.

It's that overload of power that gets out on every recordings that I think will keep that show running for a while still.

The YWDP wont die. Not yet. I might work on another type of schedule and I'll probably change the frequency. But I'm not thinking of letting it down.

The way I'm organized here is that I can't record a show whenever I want. There are some specific time windows in which I have to fit the preparation and the recording of the show. Sometimes, I have a tight 1h30 to prepare, record and upload the show... all before friday.

I've made 44 shows without skipping a week yet. The latest shows are online mostly because of a miracle.

That's why I'm still trying to figire out another type of solution. But please don't worry. It might happen that I skip a week or so in the next months. But really, the YWDP is still alive.

As for the interaction... yeesss... please... email, critiques, voicemails, scams, forum... I can't hide my desperation for a little interaction...

I'm not a shamed of my audience numbers. I get from 200 to 500 downloads a week. And really, as long as it's over 40, I quite happy with this. But the only thing is, I don't feel it. The only emails I get are from the regular artists. I didn't receive any listeners email since 5 or 6 months. And that's where I think I failed. I tought I'de be able to create a bridge between the listeners and the artists and I don't feel it yet.

But I'm not throwing the towel. I'm still dreaming. And I intend to have this show running another 6 months... hopefuly.

Thanks man. Love that love.