Friday, September 22, 2006

YWDP Episode 16

Thank god it's the weekend. I need to clear my mind from all the bad things that are trying to surround me. I'm being sued over a TV show concept, I have some big renovations today (the freaking roof)... but worst than everything... i almost couldn't do the show!

But i'm alive and kicking and this weekend we have an awsome playlist, as always, and our first voicemail... you'll see. In case you didn't know who that was on the intro of show 15, that was the hottest chick on the podosphere... Podchick...

Here is the playlist:

Adam Vox - Man Of Steel
Dj KloneZ - simplicity
Dj Nirwana - Deeper Beyond
Dragor - Perspicacious
Suncraftmusic - Prituna Age
TGL - Sirens
Trancer Necromancer - Temple Of Doom
Yuzzy - Deeper 2006

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Here are some links to some other cool podcasts you got to have a listen to. They are part of my favorite podcasts.

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