Thursday, September 28, 2006

YWDP Episode 17

The best independant trance, dance and house music podcast on the web. It's a real weekend dancemusic party packed into a 30mb mp3 file.

Been going thru alot of emotions lately. Right now i'm stuggling with some jurisdic problems and i feel very small and alone compared to the big companys. But times always make its way, i hope. I can only try not to think about it.

There is one thing that makes me forget how pathetic i am and this is the podcast. This weeks playlist is just exellent. Sometimes i'm afraid of running out of good stuff like this week. In the futur, will i be able to have a good playlist like this week? Clearly, the show is getting better and better... i've found some kick ass music that just can't be left unknown. It would be a sin not to download these... Thanks to the artists...

The playlist:

Adraw - Shine
Filtered Soul - Fallin
Kaskade - I Like the Way featuring Colette
Kevin Deng - Beginnings
Kristian Kosmo - Spiri tisso
Melnikov Project - The Sun(Hard Ver)
PRAVDA - Naked code
saviz - my nemesis
smtx - candyman
TGL - Afterhours
Trancestral Project (aka Sasha LSD) - Solar Lake

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