Friday, September 01, 2006

YWDP Episode 13

Nice week. I prepared the show earlier this week and listened to it's playlist over and over. I can say that this week's playlist is pretty damn good. The show is pretty much 50-50 house and trance. Also, i have added a voicemail box on my podshow page in whish you can leave a shout-out. Feel free to send your comments, suggestion or even some promos (if you are a podcaster yourself).

This week's playlist:

Amir Ben-Dor - The Groove
Aura - The Source Of Trance - Solid
Kristian Kosmo - Air traffic controller (dont sleep at work please)
the Sleeper - Eden
xTrance - Flashback
Yasu.exe Sounds - 3 2 1

Send me your comments or suggestions by Email or Voicemail at You can also send me your tracks, as long as it's pure and original (no cover or remix from other artist).

Note: Your Mp3 must be either 160 or 190 kbps and the ID3 tag should be correctlly filled.
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Here are some links to some other cool podcasts you got to have a listen to. They are part of my favorite podcasts.

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