Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Let me introduce you to my SCM800.

Look at this beauty !!!

Yep folks! Uncle Yuzz will soon talk to you over this worder. It's a Nady, model SCM800 and according to the reviews, it really sounds great. The only problem i have is that it's a condenser microphone that will need phantom power. And I ain't got none on my Lantec Mixer. So i'm lurkinsg around Ebay again, only this time it'll be for a little audio mixer.

I also received great comments for the show. Thanks to everyone, particuliarly Rob. It gave me a boost. I need those comments and critics... good or bad...

As for my French canadian accent... no bad comments yet.

Here is the RSS FEED for those who don't have it. Watch for my next show. I got some good house music coming...

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