Friday, June 09, 2006

My Blog Page is up!

Big In Japan (My podcast host) is a great and simple place for a podcaster but they don't have a suitable storefront for the podcasts themself. So i managed to create this blogger page and use it as my main page for the YWDP. It will also be a great place for listeners to leave messages and comments.

About my microphone, i know it's crappy. I am currently using a cheap headmic whish I had for free with my Labtec speakers. I am lurking around Ebay to find a suitable mic. But this will not fix my french canadian accent ;)

I really would love to hear your music. If you are a DJ, composer, musician, producer (If you compose your own original trance, dance or house music), please send me an MP3 of your song on my email. ( max 190Kps, no cover or remix, please send in one song first and please fill out the ID3 tag correctly)

here is the rss feed adress for the show.

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