Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lots of things coming...

First, i am working very hard on something special for my 10th show. Everything should be in place just in time for next weekend...

Also, on the 12 of august, i'll be celebrating my XX anniversary. Yes, it'll be my birthday!

I am testing a few host for the podcast, like Podshow+, Odeo, and also the Blubrry community. I'm looking at every options to could help me expand the show and get bigger. There are some good chance that you'll cross my name somewhere else. One other way is that I am meeting some great poeple in the podcast community. I am trying to get some poromos exchange and some collab with other podcasters. I want to get to a new level and spice up the show a bit.

One thing i waited to long but finaly did this weekend is purchasing the domain . I want to concentrate everything over there. I feel like i'm split into too much corners. this will be my "portail". I'll put my portfolio, my blogs, my podcast, my softwares, cartoons... everything yuzzy will be in there. The ".com" domain was not available. The guy is in Turkey and doesn't use it. What a waste...

Hey. here are some other good Dancemusic Podcasts. Some of them are good friends:
Don't forget that if you are a trance, dance or house musician, please send me your tracks directly by email. I'll be honored to promote them.

If you are a podcaster, please contact me. Maybe we can have some promos exchange.

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