Friday, August 25, 2006

YWDP Episode 12: Just Can't Stop !

I need this weekend so much! The problem is, my boss made me work at nights all summer long. And this is getting to me right now. Fortunatly, i start working on day shifts next week. But still, i really need this weekend to chill and let go all the pressure...

3 months ago when i started this podcast i decided to take a chance and try to make it a weekly podcast. But that was a big chance i was taking since my life rolls at maximum speed. I know that somewhere, sometime, i might have to skip a show or two. I have to be very realistic about it. But then, looking at it, i never skipped a show and even more than that... this week's show is longer than the regular ones. That's what happens when the music gets you and you can't stop...

I have to say that i did have to redo this show almost from the start. There were 2 tracks whish i suspect were not original tracks. And i am very picky when it comes to that. I clearly don't want any remix, mix set or cover songs from commercial tracks. The tracks i play are pure and originals. If you hear somethings that is a cover or that i didn't give the credits to the right artist, please tell me about it.

Exellent playlist for this weekend:

ask U - Chile remix

Aura - the source of trance - Over Lysefjord
DJ.Splitz - Higher
Infinite Dimensions - Robots Attacked My Car
THE PARADIGM - La Marche_(TP_Kick_it_mix)
Trancestral Project (aka Sasha LSD) - Clear Aqua (Club Edit)
xTrance - Sensorium
Yasu.exe Sounds - Slier Night Fod (Yasu.exe 4 the floor mix)

Send me your comments or suggestions by Email or Voicemail at You can also send me your tracks, as long as it's pure and original (no cover or remix from other artist).

Note: Your Mp3 must be either 160 or 190 kbps and the ID3 tag should be correctlly filled.
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