Saturday, July 15, 2006

I survived this car accident !!!

Everyone who witnessed the accident tought i had dyed in this car accident.

There was lots of traffic when i was hit by a van. He then threw me from the right lane to the very left one making a 360 in front of the 100kmh jam packed traffic. I then hit the concrete that seperate the highways and BANG! another little car gives the final shot. I then eared all the other cars skiding and passing on every side of me. At one point in all this, i even had the van's day light and radiator right in front of my face. I felt like i was in a scene of the "Final Destination" movie.

That's my story. Miraculously... i don't have a scratch. My neck hurts a little but i made all the checking at the hopital and everything's fine. Everyone who witness the accident said it's a miracle that i didn't die. But for me, my very luck was the fact that i didn't had my two daughters in the cars. The oldest was begging to come with me on this trip but i couldn't bring her for logistic reasons... Thank god...

That happened 3 hours before the recording of Episode 6. You might have noticed that i was less hip and present... altought the playlist is exellent... I just didn't feel like talking about this. I might drop a word or two in episode 7.


Amy Baron said...

Good thing that you’re not badly injured. I read that massage therapy is a good cure for neck sprains. Anyway, I hope the owner of the van helped you out in paying for your medical bills even though you’re not badly injured. By the way, you still should undergo medical checkups to make sure you’re 100% okay. I hope that you’re doing great now. :)

Amy Baron

Cindie Guevara said...

I guess every accident is like a real version of the “Final Destination” movie. The only difference is there are no camera effects/tricks involved. It’s good to hear that you’re not badly hurt, but I think you should’ve undergone some physical examinations to make sure everything is okay with you. Anyway, years have passed already. I hope you’re having a great time with your family and you’ve totally moved on from this incident.

Cindie Guevara

Thao Cantu said...

Accidents happen and we have to accept that. We should just be glad that you’re not badly hurt and you don’t have any scratch. I guess it’s still lucky the crash happened when you didn’t have your kids with you because that might cause them traumatic stress.

Thao Canto