Thursday, July 20, 2006

YWDP Episode 7: I'm A Survivor !!!

Episode 7

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We have officialy reached the amount of 1000 subscribers! Thanks to all of ya guys!!! I also received lots of good comments on the show. And FINALY... we have some submissions coming in. I received about 10 original tracks from dancemusic composers from all around the planet. And most of them are willing to give their music free on the dancefloor music dropbox. The show is growing at the speed of light. My role in all this is just connecting the artists to their listeners. I guess, it works....

BTW.: I received lots of request for this untitled song i'm working on (The one i played on episode 5). I don't want to irritate you guys another week. I'll get this track slimmed and shinned by some friend who's better than me in mastering... But to those who wants some of my track, i have a new artist page with 2 older tracks already in there... check it out... download, share and scream Yuzzy's name all over the place!!!

Great playlist for this weekend. Hang on tight cuz this will kick ass. I feel like this whole accident thing made me resurect....

Alpha Dimension - auto emotion
Dj Amaya - Crystal - Tokyo Original Mix
DJ Borso - The Doll
Lostshade - Unnnh
RossFM - The Almighty Dollar
Ryan Thomas - Big Bang (radio edit)
Treva Whateva - Driving Reign

If you want to help the artists, please visit their website. They are really what this show is all about.

Send me your comments or suggestions by Email or Voicemail at You can also send me your tracks, as long as it's pure and original (no cover or remix from commercial music).

Note: Your Mp3 must be either 160 or 190 kbps and the ID3 tag should be correctlly filled.
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