Friday, July 07, 2006

YWDP Episode 5

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Episode 5 show notes
­The show celebrates its 5th episode and i should have all of my gear (mic and mixer) up in a few days. With a little bit of luck, episode 6 should be in the "pro format". I've also thrown in my latest composition. It's a melodic trance track that is still under construction but i couldn't wait to share the Beta version. Hope you'll like it. As soon as it's done, i'll put the final version in the Dancefloor Music Dropbox.

Rich Masters - Bubble
Van Ches Karen - The Place
Gavin Froome - Alpine Pools
2Trancy - Sleep
DJ Bahanos - XMaker
DC Adjust - SlowMotion
Yuzzy - (Untitled yet)

Send me your comments or suggestions by Email or Voicemail at You can also send me your tracks, as long as it's pure and original (no cover or remix from commercial music).

Note: Your Mp3 must be under 190 kbps and the ID3 tag should be correctlly filled.
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