Friday, July 14, 2006

YWDP Episode 6: With my brand new microphone!!!

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YWDP Episode 6: With my brand new microphone!

I now have all the gear i need to sound like a pro. So if you still think the show is crap, i can't put the fault on the hardware. You'll have to blame your french canadian host.

Show 7 might be a little delayed. I had the worst day of my life this week. I came close to dying in a very serious car accident. My car is just total loss. But i guess god didn't want me lrking in his refregerator yet. I don't have a scratch... I'll show you my car and tell you more about this story on the blogger page very soon.... That said, i am very proud of show 7. I have the best playlist yet and WE HAVE A SPECIAL SUBMISSION from a composer....


Yamin - Smile

Bravo Mike - Daydreamin
DCAjust - Snare
DJ Aris - Believe In Future
Infinite Dimensions - Perculiar Planet
DJ Tigre Feroz - The Wonders Of You (Extension Rmx).mp3

Send me your comments or suggestions by Email or Voicemail at You can also send me your tracks, as long as it's pure and original (no cover or remix from commercial music).

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